how to learn nihongo epically

prebeginner stage

step 1: learn kana (important)

step 2a: learn basic vocabulary (just pick a random shitty anki deck like this or this and drop it when you get bored)

step 2b: learn basic grammar (just read tae kim)

step 3: watch anime (without english subtitles, this is important, there are many loser weebs who have watched thousands of hours of anime and dont know japanese for shit, this is the fault of english subtitles, not anime itself)

step 4: watch more anime

beginner stage

now youve gotten this far just do what you want wont matter as long as its in epic nihongo

bonus stuff

  • quickmaster anki guide (anki basics, disregard everything else)
  • dictionary of japanese grammar (useful for looking up grammar points while watching anime)
  • cure dolly grammar vids (probably the best grammar explanations in english but is presented by autistic british schizogranny)
  • kitsunekko (database of japanese subtitles, just be wary of ch*nk subs)